Hey, guys! I made a list of characters that we need to add. I gave some of them name possibilities. The name possibilties we chose are in bold.


  • Briar - All sorts of Rose names, Fern.
  • Courtly - Possible puns on "jest" such as Jesty, Jestica, or Jestine.
  • Duchess - names meaning "princess", Bianca (it means "white"), or a name meaning "peasant."
  • Farrah - Fay, Fayrah, Fee, Fea
  • Hopper - On Adventurous' page I wrote him down as Hopiar Croaks.
  • Justine - Just Dance, or Natalie Dancer or Notta Dancer (They sound like "Not a Dancer), possibly names that start with "L" because L is the twelth letter in the alaphabet.
  • Lizzie - We've been discussing names such as Elize, Elise, and Elyse. The surname will be Hearts, correct?
  • Rosabella - On Angel's page a wrote her down as Roseline Beauty. Isabella Beauty.
  • Gus - Hans
  • Helga
  • Lilly-Bo - Shepardess, Laura Ann Found (pun on "lost and found")
  • Jillian - Bea
  • Nina - possibly spanish for "big"
  • Meeshell - Possibly land names, such as Terra

Other Notes

  1. At some point I think we're going ot have to add the staff to this wiki, too. :)
  2. A note on categories: If you add a new category to a page, please make sure it exists! :D Today I had to create a bunch of categories that had been added to pages... -_-