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  • RoybelGirl


    March 26, 2016 by RoybelGirl

    Hey, guys! I made a list of characters that we need to add. I gave some of them name possibilities. The name possibilties we chose are in bold.

    • Briar - All sorts of Rose names, Fern.
    • Courtly - Possible puns on "jest" such as Jesty, Jestica, or Jestine.
    • Duchess - names meaning "princess", Bianca (it means "white"), or a name meaning "peasant."
    • Farrah - Fay, Fayrah, Fee, Fea
    • Hopper - On Adventurous' page I wrote him down as Hopiar Croaks.
    • Justine - Just Dance, or Natalie Dancer or Notta Dancer (They sound like "Not a Dancer), possibly names that start with "L" because L is the twelth letter in the alaphabet.
    • Lizzie - We've been discussing names such as Elize, Elise, and Elyse. The surname will be Hearts, correct?
    • Rosabella - On Angel's page a wrote …

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  • RoybelGirl


    March 24, 2016 by RoybelGirl

    Alright, so at the moment this wiki is not ready for others to join quite yet. ^u^ So after most of the construction is finished, how do you think we'll attract an attension to this wiki?

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