• Miraculous-Lilygem

    Heyo so this is gonna be a weird blogpost. So... I kind of need help for the following OCs I'm going to mirror. 

    Cold and bitter, she never has a good mood. Well, it's really rare. If you do talk to her when she's in a good mood, she'll burn you on purpose. She wants a shorter story because she's too lazy to have a long fairy tale like the other students. 

    Instead of hating to follow her father's destiny, she hates her mother's destiny. Dancing is not her style. She is a full Rebel and wishes to be in an army instead. But not for good—she wants to fight in the army so she can gain popularity.

    She's sweet (awww) and uses her magic for good. Even though her hair is still the same colour, she's not evil... 

    He's not greedy (awww again) and uses h…

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