maybe i should have created a better name for a thing about naming...

Anyway, hej, Imma Grimms! ANd I have a name advice/suggestor thing for yah. Basicly, you comment down bellow saying "Can I have a name for mirror verison of X-Character from Y-Fairytale" Or something like that. It might take me a while, because sometimes I have to read the story to understand, find the meaning of one name then the meaning of another name and find out where the story is from and who wrote it when and.... IT CAN BE A LONG. LONG. LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG PROSCESS! It normally includes be humming bad puns to the tune of the wedding march while looking at the internet.... Sigh.

So thats that! If you need help with a name, comment down bellow and I'll help as soon as I can!

Please note I will only be doing names for Never After High, other fandoms names shall be directed to the correct fandom or chat room. Thank you!

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