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  • I live in the 51st state, constant anxiety
  • My occupation is being a depresson bean
  • I am dead inside
  • GrimmsDePytheLover

    honestly im not sure if i can


    my name is grimms

    i guess you kind of know that

    but i haven't been around in a bit

    so maybe you don't

    but thats me.


    i just kind of got bored and was like "hey, im going to draw some mirror characters cause why not?"

    honestly im not sure why i did.

    i think its because i was looking at too many otp prompts im sorry but my only live to live in pythe and star wars

    but anyway.

    i just decdied to draw these guys and maybe give 'em more of a design???? idk. don't take this the wrong way, i know we aren't mattel and can make incredibly detailed box art or whatnought. i know y'all got limited reasources (the card art is still pretty good acturally) but yeah.

    Okay so for Winter i didn't change much, just kind of gave her a …

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover

    maybe i should have created a better name for a thing about naming...

    Anyway, hej, Imma Grimms! ANd I have a name advice/suggestor thing for yah. Basicly, you comment down bellow saying "Can I have a name for mirror verison of X-Character from Y-Fairytale" Or something like that. It might take me a while, because sometimes I have to read the story to understand, find the meaning of one name then the meaning of another name and find out where the story is from and who wrote it when and.... IT CAN BE A LONG. LONG. LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG PROSCESS! It normally includes be humming bad puns to the tune of the wedding march while looking at the internet.... Sigh.

    So thats that! If you need help with a name, comment down bellow and I'll help as soon …

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover


    May 30, 2016 by GrimmsDePytheLover
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