These are the people to say your questions and ideas to. They also are crazy amazing and helpful. Without them, I'd be stuck with a lot of work to do and an unused wiki! That is not good. XD

Ivypan800 She is in charge of the awesome Royal-Rebel Pedia wiki, which gave me the idea for this wiki. She is an Admin.

RoybelGirl You can call her Bel! She is a wiki friend of mine. She also contributes to Ivy's Royal Rebel Pedia. She is an Admin, too. She is on the wiki a lot, like me!

Filip of Mount Honora That's me! I am the founder of this wiki. If you have any problems, ask me! I am on usually around in the morning. I am ready to help!

Thanks for everything! I still need a couple more Admins, if you contribute enough and the right way, you migh become one! Thanks for all!