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  • Filip of Mount Honora

    Okay, I know that we've been confused about Bel's Characters blog, or at least about Faybelle and Briar. More TBA.

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  • Filip of Mount Honora

    So, hey! I know we probably won't get the wiki in public 'til we get 200 pages, but I want to know your opinion. If you google 'Never After High Wikia' and search it (make sure it's not ever after high), it will show up. But I don't know what our other pages will be for. I can work on some diaries, but I don't know about webisodes.

    Also- Please make sure Faybelle and Briar are the best of friends, but Sara doesn't look down on Faybelle. And like I commented on Bel's Characters, I think Avery Cupid has this great ring to it.


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  • Filip of Mount Honora


    March 19, 2016 by Filip of Mount Honora

    These are the people to say your questions and ideas to. They also are crazy amazing and helpful. Without them, I'd be stuck with a lot of work to do and an unused wiki! That is not good. XD

    Ivypan800 She is in charge of the awesome Royal-Rebel Pedia wiki, which gave me the idea for this wiki. She is an Admin.

    RoybelGirl You can call her Bel! She is a wiki friend of mine. She also contributes to Ivy's Royal Rebel Pedia. She is an Admin, too. She is on the wiki a lot, like me!

    Filip of Mount Honora That's me! I am the founder of this wiki. If you have any problems, ask me! I am on usually around in the morning. I am ready to help!

    Thanks for everything! I still need a couple more Admins, if you contribute enough and the right way, you migh beco…

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