The Evil Queen is the villain in Snow White. She is Sara Raven's mother. She is married to the Good King. The Evil Queen is praised for doing her part in the Snow White story, and later helping fellow villains to do their best.

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The Evil Queen has dark purple and black colored hair. She wears it in a large bun mounted high upon her head, where a golden crown cluttered with red gems lies in front. She has one red and one purple eye, making her similar to Lavender Cheshire. Her skin is very pale, but it has a shimmery purple essence.

She wears a long, regal ourple dress. It has a hood and cape. The cape is black and has a skull pattern. Her dress is floor length nut has no sleeves. At the elbow, she has purple arm-warmers that include gloves that are cut at the fingertips. She has purple heels modeled after hiking boots.

As a child, she is shown to have white hair.

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Her name has no special significance, it is the name of the character she was made to play.

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Main Article: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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The Evil Queen played the part of the evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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Her husband is the Good King and her daughter is Sara Raven.

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She is married to the Good King. As a teenager at Never After High, she dated Big Bad Wolf.