Spencer Hood
Son of Robin Hood
Alliance Royal
Parents Robin Hood, Maid Marian
Friends TBA
Roommate N/A
Gender Male
Eye Color Green



Spencer Hood is the son of Robin Hood and the alter ego of Sparrow Hood. A student at Never After High, Spencer is a Royal in the destiny conflict.

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Character Edit

Personality Edit

Spencer is very humble, heroic, and helpful, a perfect candidate for his destiny. He has a talent for pickpocketing and he is glad that one day he can put his talents to use properly. He is also a talent guitarist.

Appearance Edit

Spencer is somewhat short compared to other boys. He has messy red-gold hair with a green streak. He has bright forest green eyes and a helpful smile is usually on his face.

Name Edit

Spencer is an English name that is very similar to "Sparrow" in sound. An English name was chosen because Robin Hood is an English fairy tale.

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Robin Hood

Role Edit

Spencer is destined to be the next Robin Hood.

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Family Edit

He is the son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

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