Sierra Hood
Sierra Hood Card
Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
Alliance Royal
Parents Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf
Siblings Roxanne Badwolf
Friends Roxanne Badwolf
Roommate Hazel Wood
Date of Birth October 31st
Gender Female
Eye Color Gray



Sierra Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf, and the alter ego of Cerise Hood. She is a Royal in the destiny conflict. However, she doesn't want to play the role of her mother, rather, she wishes to live as the next Big Bad Wolf. Unlike Cerise, Sierra doesn't care about the fact she has wolf ears and doesn't wear her hood.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Sierra is loud, prideful, and overly talkative. She is also very strong and brave, because of her wolf-enhanced abilities. She is not afraid to show off her wolf ears.

Appearance Edit

Sierra is very tall with shoulder-length brown hair streaked with red. She has tanned skin, gray eyes, and red lips. Instead of human ears, she has wolf ears which often stick out from underneath her hair.

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Fairy tale Edit

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Role Edit

Sierra is destined to be the next Little Red Riding Hood.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Sierra has a twin sister, Roxanne Badwolf whom she calls Beezus because she enjoys the Ramona books by Beverly Deary. She is the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

Friends Edit

Sierra can be described as a lone wolf, and her only true friend is her sister.

Pet Edit

She has a pet wolf.

Romance Edit

Sierra claims that she has no interest in romance.

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