Evil Is More Than Darkness Edit

I am fairy proud to follow Mother's destiny. I love the idea of being evil. It really has more to it, though. Us villains don't just do this as a crime, we do this as a pastime. We do it as a career. It's a part of us that should never, never, EVER leave. It's your inner core- and when you let go, you've released your future.

And who would believe Winter White would release this? It's the rope of Happiness, the rope of Life, and she is falling into the grim sea of Despair. I may be evil, but death and darkness is so not fun when you can have power. And the thing is, this rope is not a rope. It's a chain. A link represents me. And Winter. And Adventurous. One falls, we all go kaput. And Winter, you just did the number-one thing on my never-do list!