Sara Raven
Sara Raven Card Art
Daughter of the Evil Queen
Alliance Royal
Parents The Evil Queen, The Good King
Friends Lavender Cheshire, Honey Biscuit
Roommate Winter White
Date of Birth November 25th
Gender Female
Eye Color Violet



Sara Raven is the daughter of the Evil Queen, and the alter ego of Raven Queen. A Royal in the destiny conflict, Sara is the perfect example of "like mother like daughter."



A girl with an extremely dark personality, it's no surprise that Sara is a Royal. As evil and powerful as her mother before her, the mere sight of her strikes uncertainty and fear in the hearts of her fellow students. Sara can be described as selfish, wicked, and unsympathetic.


Sara Raven has purple-blue hair that goes up to her waist and usually wears it in a high ponytail held up by a chain accessory. She has light purple eye shadow and dark red lipstick. Her outfit is a black laced-up top with a magenta colored skirt that goes down to her knees. She wears blue high heeled boots.

Name Edit

The name "Sara" is a Hebrew name meaning "Princess."

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Raven is the daughter of The Evil Queen and the Good King.

Friends Edit

It seems that she gets along well with Lavender Cheshire. She also is friends with fellow villain Honey Biscuit.

Pet Edit

She has a dragon named Forevermore, whom she often likes to ride around the school.

Romance Edit

Despite the fact she is in a mirror universe of Ever After, she dates Adept Charming. She enjoys his company and finds him very funny and charming.

Enemies Edit

Raven has quite a few enemies. It is said that she has been the nemesis of Coraline Hatter for quite a long time. She has a rocky relationship with Sierra Hood as well. Sara despises Adventurous Charming, because she doesn't like his cowardly nature.