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Never After High Wikia and its crew are glad to welcome you. This wiki is a fanfic wiki. However, we welcome other EAH-related things, such as webisodes and your own fan characters. If you would like to know what this wiki is all about, go to the ‘About- Wiki’ page.



As this is a fanfiction wiki, it is hard to understand what is and is not allowed. If you would like to be assigned a task such as writing a diary or writing infromation, ask Ivypan800, RoybelGirl, CrystalPony7, or Filip of Mount Honora. Spelling errors are made often but need to be fixed. This is one helpful thing you can do. Also, from what is written in the bio, add Trivia relating to  the character.

Images & Videos

We love webisodes (EAH mini-episodes) and character art! If you would like to make any form of art, go on ahead! But before you post the artwork, ask Ivypan800, our card artist, if it is okay. Nothing inappropriate, please. And videos! Webisodes are welcome, just make sure it is the full thing. Here are our [webisode] goals:

·      April-May 2016: Chapters 1-2

·      June-July 2016: Chapters 3-4

·      Aug.- Sept. 2016: Clips from EAH specials

·      Nov.-Oct. 2016: Chapter 5

Special Abilities

If you are an Admin(istrator), you can have more privileges. Chat Moderators/Discussion Moderators will also be assigned. I cannot have too many, however. The admins will watch over what users edit and add, and may decide to appoint these jobs. If you’d like to be one, DON’T ask. If you have been banned at any point on this wiki, you are not allowed any privileges. These admins are good people. If they do something you think is wrong, tell me (Filip of Mount Honora) about it.

Tolerance over Behavior

While some wikis don’t have rules on language and behavior, this wiki does. As EAH is targeted for children of a wide variety of ages, this wiki cannot have bad language. Bad language will be pointed out. Severe language, such as cuss words will NOT be okay. Any severe language casts a 3-day ban. Continuous language can amount ot more.

More TBA.



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