Noelani Silver is the alter-ego of Miranda Shards. She is a 2017-introduced and all around character. 



Noelani is a Royal, and enjoys her destiny almost as much as Faybelle. Everything she does has to have a wicked twist. While she is not a bully, she teases others in a non-harmful way. Because of her charm, people don't mind her very much. The few people who do know her as she is would say she is a lot warmer than what she seems, and that is true.

And you might think of her as the type who will never go get you a napkin at a restaurant, but when they need something, you get it for them. Even though that is a major part of her character, as a friend, she makes this up with her loyalty, fellowship, and leadership. 

Of course, this not to say that she hasn't gotten in trouble. Especially being a Royal when you are encouraged to be a Rebel. Plenty of her time has gone into community service and detention. As another wrong act, she bribes her way out of punishment. Lessons of life don't impact her very well.


If you're a "dirty Royal", people probably don't like you. Actually, you can count on it. But Noelani is that one exception. She is really beautiful, which is quite behind the scenes considering her spirit is what speaks in the mirror.

Her hair is wavy and long, going to the waist, a deep shade of strawberry blonde. Usually, she wears it in two small french braids on either side of her head, and the rest of her hair (about 3/4) is loose. Otherwise, she wears it loose under a baseball cap. Her eyes are dark green, like a cat's. They are slightly angled, but not so almond shaped as they are quite wide. Her light skin has plenty of freckles around her cheeks and nose, and she has a natural blush.

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all dead. they died in a mutant zombie martian attack


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"Romance can go die in a puddle."