Summary: Never After is the mirror world and opposite of Ever After. It also has mirror characters.

Never After is the mirror world of Ever After. It is a part of a parallel universe where things are the opposite of how they are in our universe. In Never After, most things are opposites of themselves. Never After High, the most prestigious school in the lands, also has mirror characters.

Never After is a peaceful realm, and its inhabitants are all creative and unique in their own ways. However, to a newcomer from Ever After, it may seem like a chaotic place. 

At Never After High, students are encouraged to change their destiny. Creativity is the goal. However, when Winter White decides she wants to follow her original destiny, it starts an outrage.

Months after the Royal movement begins, the Evil Queen sends out a wave of magical energy that opens the connection between the two worlds. This path has been long sealed, but when it was opened, the world of Ever After was slowly sucked into Never After.