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  • This is really good idea. :) 

    As I write a lot I create a lot of characters and some of them doesn't feel like they are beliavable but making a mirror version shows the flaws and spots I'm missing. So this will make me a better writer characterwise, I'm sure and all thanks to you for it. ^^ 

    You could try to get the word out for EAH writer communities (like from DA) to make the mirrors here and make this place grow, see them learn and get few friends on the side. :) 

    I might not be on a lot here as I try to work on Royal&Rebelpedia to finish now and still keep my blog and Instagram running but when things will ease up I'll be happy to make mirrors. 

    I just have one question; do they have to be renamed? I did a mirror of my OC Elena and didn't rename her as she's really just a mirror image of the character but if they need to be renamed I'll do it. Thanks!

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    • Hello, and thanks!

      I did make a post on the EAHF wiki about it, and so we got several people from there to come check it out. I do have a dA but I don't use it much since it's blocked on school computers and my siblings hog the computer we have that it's not blocked on. I have a chromebook from school that I use.

      Since pages like my account page would not be under deviant art (like but, it isn't blocked. But I can't submit art and do certain things. Plus my watchers are like 4 people I know from wikias XP I will try to get the word out.

      It's okay, we're all busy. Autumn is the busiest time of year since school starts, as well as after school activities like dance and robotics. 

      And to answer your question, no. They can be renamed, and that's more common (plus it can make it less confusing, as long as you know it's the alternate ego), but it isn't required. 

      Enjoy your time here, MIsluck!


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    • Robotics :O I so wish we'd have that in here. 

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    • Aw, you don't? That's sad! It's a really interesting thing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Im not sure why im contacting you here but idk i just, well, idk *shrug*.

    so anyway i was thinking to myself for an idea for another wiki and then i realized that said idea could also work on this wiki.

    so you know like the WIP template on the eahfw? so what i was thinking, for the canon mirror characters, a template like that that said something along the lines of "this is a canon mirror character page, please do not edit endless you are an admit or have admin permission", something like that or even someting like a property template? i mean, i wouldn't really do much, it would just say, "hey, don't edit it," but if it says something, then i guess people wouldn't be like "hey i can edit this right?" if it says it right there on the top of the page.

    idk if this made any sense *shrug*

    just an idea so yeah 


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    • ayy new profile pic! i like it grimms :) that meme is really funny

      people like you that we know won't troll it probably can edit it, but random new dudes should ask first. that might be something to keep in mind when you write out if this gets you any ideas idk. you know i stink at template-making. if you want to make one you can. it's a great idea tho!!!!

      talking to Ivy about it would probably be best, she has been an admin on wikis longer than i have so she would know how to deal with it. 

      definitely a better solution than locking pages cuz well

      i don't want to lock pages. D:

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  • Thank you for send me a message to my message wall I deleted  the art picture  I made a few minor things ayces wonderland

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  • Hey Zia! I just noticed you changed your avatar to an image of Kylo Ren, and I find this interesting as I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and Ren is my favourite character from Ep VII so...

    I have been hoping to find someone on wiki who likes Star Wars too and I guess I am just a bit over excited;D Sorry if this message seems a bit weird and please pardon my crazy Fan-Girl mood today!

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    • Oh, my! I'm glad to hear you recovered that stuff.

      As for movies? Ha! There's quite a few. But the original saga is 6 movies. The rest does not deserve the title of "Star Trek", but the 1st and 5th are terrible. (Especially the 5th. Do not watch it)

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    • Hi, sorry I haven't spoken to you for so long! First my brothers had chicken pox, then I had a dentist appointment that didn't go how I wanted and now I have tonsillitis and/or flu! Not my month:(

      Anyhoo... Thank you:D

      Right, thanks for the heads up on them.

      To start a new topic, are you going to see Rouge One this December? I want to but I am not sure if I can get my dad to buy the whole family Star Wars tickets two years in a row! He is a bit less excited for this one then he was with TFA but the cinema won't be the same without my family there:(

      Also, how long have you been watching Star Wars? The first memory I have of it is when I was two! It is my dad who let me watch it (sort of, he was just watching it and I came and sat on his lap, I don't think he expected me to remember the scary stuff!) Now I am a bigger fan then my dad and both my brothers! :D

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  • Hi Zia! We recently recieved a new contributer from the Ever After High Fandom Wiki! Rai-Knightshade was wondering this, in her words...

    "Hey I have a question and this seems like a good (if a teeny bit off topic) place to ask. If you have fan characters that you want to make alter-egos of, but there are already canon characters to fill those roles in the EAH universe, are they allowed or do they need to stay off the wiki? (My two main characters are a child of Beauty and the Beast and a child of the Little Mermaid if that tells you anything.) Also I have a fan character that's shipped with a canon character in the regular universe but probably wouldn't be in this one; would she still be ok? Are there rules against that? I'm genuinely curious."

    My reply was as follows...

    "When it comes to Venetia I'd say she's allowed. Just you ship her with a canon character doesn't mean it messes up the EAH universe or anything. Just keep in mind that for now have it so that they have no sort of serious relationship. A good rule of thumb would probably be if you would have to add it to the canon character's romance section on their page, it's probably best to keep it off the wiki for now.

    However, when it comes to Rose and Arion... I don't know. That's a really tricky one. I'd say wait for an answer from Zia, the founder of the wiki. In the meantime I'll leave a message on her wall for you. If you have any other questions feel free to leave a message on my message wall, or contact some of the other admins. (The current active admins include myself, Ivy, and Zia.)"

    So what I really need is your opinion, as this is your wiki and you make the rules.

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    • Okay! The wiki has a lot nore attention now. :D (BTW, I love your new pic!! <3)

      I think it'd be okay [for all the OCs], but we might need to make a whole page for the canon mirror characters' relationships between the non-canon OCs and such. Sorry this isn't extent or so....

      But yeah, I think overall, your reply is pretty much what I would say.

      (Sorry, I was away for some days, and now, I have lots of replies to place! ACK)

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  • Hi Zia! Just a couple of quick ideas...

    As you know lots of OC's are being added to this wiki and I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to separate the categories of the OCs and Cannons? ie. OC Character and Character, OC Students and Student, OC Royals and Royal, etc.

    Also, as only admin are allowed to edit the Cannon pages do you think we should lock them?

    Just some ideas:D

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  • Hi Zia. Something has come to my attention and I am sorry but I have some bad news about it.

    I noticed you uploaded some art using Darling's card art from R&RPWiki. It is an understandable mistake, as they do look like official Mattel EAH cards, but I am sorry to have to tell you, you cannot use this card (and there are other cards too) as they are made by myself or other users. They are not official cards by Mattel, they are user originals and need permission first. On my site, if you click on the image of a card that you want to use, the image page will have a disclaimer on it saying that they are User Original and not for use on other sites.

    The images on these cards are official Mattel EAH art work and then the background cards were made by the users. So you can do that, you can take official images and put them on a card yourself, but it is best not to use others work and modify that.

    I have made card backgrounds for users to use, and I am more than happy for you to have those and add your images to them yourself. Here is a link to them.

    I hope you understand. I am willing to let you keep the two that you have already modified, but please do not take any more User Original cards from the site.

    Thanks for reading and please let me know if I have not explained it very well. Ivypan800.

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  • Hey Zia! It's me, Crystal! Anything I can do to help? This is a Wonderlandiful wiki! <3

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    • Bye! I'll be here at some point tomorrow. :) Thanks for your help.

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    • No problem! Talk to you soon! <3

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I noticed that you made me an admin. That's awesome. Please tell me about this wiki and what kind of things you want for this. I'm going ot make a page for Apple's alter ego, if that's okay.

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