Jade Kosinski
Alliance Never After Air Force

Neutrals (destiny conflict)

Nicknames Jay
Parents TBA
Siblings Sebastian Sasin (brother)
Friends TBA
Roommate TBA
Gender Female
Eye Color Olive green



Jade Kosinski is a 2017 introduced and all-around character. Jade is the alter ego of Miriel Kosinski and sister of Sebastian Sasin. She is a pilot in the Never After Air Force. She is a neutral in the Destiny Conflict.



Jade is quiet and gloomy. She rarely speaks and uses facial expression more than talking. Focusing on her task is her main concern and tries to ignore emotions. She still feels emotion for her family but not often.


One of the tallest students at Ever After High, Jade has a muscular build and long legs. Her face is a somewhat ovular shape. She has tanned peach skin with few freckles. Her eyes are a cloudy olive green, but change color depending on her mood. Her lips are thick and a pale red, and her nose is of a medium size.


Sword FightingEdit

Although she has little experience with sword fighting, she has shown promise. However, Jade prefers piloting and does not plan on moving on to anything else.


One of the best pilots in the Never After Air Force, Jade is a skilled pilot. Her sharp eyes and quick reflexes contribute to this ability.

Eye ColorEdit

Depending on her mood, Jade's eyes will change color. Some of the most notable colors are:

  • Dull Green
    • This means she is tired or fatigued. It is a sign of when she is losing a battle.
  • Bright Green
    • This means she is excited or happy. This is an extremely rare color to see in her eyes.
  • Blue Green
    • This means she is upset or sad. This is another rare color to see, although people who know her better see it much more often.



Sebastian SasinEdit









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