Féebelle Thorn
Daughter of the Dark Fairy
Alliance Rebel
Nicknames Fée
Parents The Dark Fairy
Friends TBA
Roommate Fluffy Blanc
Date of Birth November 16th
Gender Female
Eye Color Violet



Féebelle Thorn, often called "Fée" by her friends, is the daughter of the Dark Fairy, and a student at Never After High. She is the alter ego of Faybelle Thorn. She is a Rebel in the Royal/Rebel conflict because of her kind-hearted personality and wishes to not be "evil".

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Féebelle is a very gentle girl with a passion for helping others. She was encouraged from a young age to use her dark powers for evil, much to the dismay of Féebelle.

Although she enjoys cheerhexing she claims that she is not very good at it and usually tries to draw attention away from herself whenever the cheerhexing team is preforming.

She also has a heart for acting, but thinking she is not good, she keeps it to herself.

Féebelle always does her best to stay away from any sort of attention, as she is a very shy young fairy. She has a very sensitive heart and she is sure to be filled with dismay even about small problems.

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Féebelle is shorter than most girls her age. She has shimmery pale skin with soft violet eyes that glimmer whenever she user her magic. Féebelle's lips are a pale pink in color. Her hair is a pure platinum blonde tied up in a ponytail with a streak of purple running through it. Sprouting from her back are transparent violet colored wings.

She wears a white sleeveless top with a purple fishnet sweater. She also wears a purple ruffled skirt and white flowers decorate her hair.

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"Sleeping Beauty" is a French fairy tale, and "Fée" is the French word for "fairy".

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