Elena Snow
Alliance Rebel
Nicknames Snowy-wowy, Elena the Tyrant
Parents The Snow Queen and The Snow King
Date of Birth January 1st
Gender Female
Eye Color Foggy grey



Elena Snow is the daughter of the Snow Queen and an alter ego of OC Elena Snow in the Royal&Rebelpedia's FanCorner. She is a Rebel as she can't stand cold and dislikes everything blue and white, the most boring colours in the world to her. Only thing she would have liked in her destiny was to scare the villagers and not only kidnap one boy but all the children.


Personality Edit

Elena is a brooding person who likes to stay alone. She is still a becoming queen so she sees everyone are below her rank and should serve her, she didn't have to do a thing by herself back home, why should it be different in a school? She doesn't care much for anything and spends her days mostly bored scaring other students.

Appearance Edit

She is a very tall girl with pale white skin that she loathes. She doesn't care much of her appearance so her black hair is always a messy ponytail and she often wears a mixture of clothes, whatever happened to be nearest when she had to dress. She has grey eyes that looks like they couldn't bother to pick a colour so made them just foggy grey.


She is quite sure she is named by throwing a dart in to calendar and seeing what came out.

Fairy TaleEdit

Main Article: The Snow Queen.


She is destined to be the next Snow Queen.


Family Edit

Elena is the oldest child of four. While not being very close to her siblings she always enjoyed a good prank with them.

Friends Edit

Elena haven't yet met anyone who could be worth of her friendship.

Romance Edit

She isn't into romance but goes on dates only with the worst of the bunch to annoy her parents.

Pet Edit

Elena had a pet snow fox but it was too posh and white that she left it at home.