Destiny Beau
Alliance Rebel
Parents Désirs and Fairer-than-a-Fairy's brother
Friends Fairies
Date of Birth May 31
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown



Destiny la Fayette Desire Beau is the daughter of Désirs and Fairer-than-a-Fairy's brother. She is the alternate universe version of Desiree Beau. She is a Rebel in the destiny conflict because she doesn't care about destiny, and believes that destiny (the actual fairy tale destiny) would remain the same if she rebelled. She also doesn't care about the protagonists of her story and makes friends with fairies more.

She is created and owned by Miraculous-Lilygem AKA Lily.



Destiny trusts any fairy, and hates any protagonist from her story. In group conversations, she is quite humble. However, in class, she's actually really willing to share anything. It is unlikely to get any answers correct, since she never pays attention to what the teacher's saying. Destiny always make paper airplanes and throw it around the classroom, which angers the teachers, making her have detention all the time. 

She causes mischief wherever she goes, and she hates being formal. Instead, she wears something some modern girls would wear. Leather jackets, skirts, etc.

Destiny is also quite vain, carrying mirrors wherever she goes. If her hair has one curl, she sprays hairspray on her hair and continues doing whatever she does.


Since she's the opposite, she wouldn't wear her hair curly. She wears it straight, and has the same eye colour: brown. She has paler skin, and has some dark pink streaks it it to express her true darkness... 


Well, Destiny was originally going to be Desiree's name, but then, it wasn't. 

Her middle name, "la Fayette Desire", comes from the French officer/aristocrat, Lafayette. "La" means "the" in French, and "Fay" means "fairy", and "-ette" is a "French suffix". 

Fairy taleEdit

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She is the daughter of Désirs and Fairer-than-a-Fairy's brother. She doesn't really like staying at home because of her parents' encouragement to follow the legacy (which they don't in Ever After High). 


She's best friends with any fairy, to be honest. 


She hates anyone who is good in her story, because she believes they serve no purpose. She especially hates the main characters' children. 

Destiny doesn't trust the Rebels either, because she believes she's the best Rebel.