Dawn Nimble
Alliance Royal
Nicknames Daw, Dawny
Parents Mary and Jack B. Nimble
Siblings Lilly Nimble and Eve Nimble
Friends Daughter of Little Bo Peep
Roommate Lily Nimble
Date of Birth October 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Gray



Dawn Nimble is a 2016 introduced character. Dawn is the alter ego of Eve Nimble. Daughter of Jack B. Nimble and Mary, both from nursery rhymes, Dawn was chosen to be the next Jack. Stuck up and a prissy princess like fella, Dawn ultimly sides with the royals as she prefers her small tale, never the less being glad that it isn't an adventure story (Unlike the Eve)

Notes: Dawn is the counterpart of Eve, not her little sister Dawn. Grimms just had the two switch names. She is also owned by Grimms.