Brunetta Lockes
Brunetta Lockes Card
Daughter of Goldie Lockes
Alliance Rebel
Nicknames Bruna, Etta.
Parents Goldie Lockes
Friends Avery Cupid
Roommate Avery Cupid
Date of Birth September 19
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue-Gray



Brunetta Lockes is the alter ego of Blondie Lockes, and a student at Never After High. She is the daughter of Goldilocks and she is a Rebel is the destiny conflict. Very shy and self-conscience, Brunetta appears to avoid other students as much as she can.

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Character Edit

Personality Edit

Brunetta is very reserved and shy, and she is very self-conscience about her looks, especially her hair. After the events of Dragon Games, however, she began a career in reporting. Her reporting is often false rumors spread in revenge of students she does not get along with. She is rather prideful but is kinder to those close to her.

Appearance Edit

Brunetta has dark brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and fair skin. Her hair is kept in bouncy curls and she tries to make herself as presentable as possible with her makeup. She wears aqua-blues and dark pinks.

Name Edit

In Ever After High Blondie had blonde hair, and her name was Blondie. Therefore, since Brunetta is a brunet, a pun on the word 'brunet' .

Powers Edit

Brunetta can appear anywhere in NeverAfter, but has difficult traveling to further away places. She also can pick locks easily.

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Role Edit

Brunetta is destined to be the next Goldilocks.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Her mother is Goldilocks and her father is the mayor of her home town.

Friends Edit

After spending so much time with her roommate, Avery Cupid, the two have become nice friends. More TBA.

Pet Edit

She has a bear cub named Honey, much to the anger of Honey Biscuit

Romance Edit

Brunetta has a small crush on Adventurous Charming, although she is to scared to ever admit these feelings.