Anima Soulsong
Alliance Rebel
Nicknames Ani
Parents Adopted by the Soulsong's; chosen for the role of Psyche by the god Eros
Siblings None
Friends None at this time
Roommate Terra Castleberry
Date of Birth Feb 14th (which she hates)
Gender Cis Female
Eye Color Brown

Anima Soulsong is the Never After High counterpart of Venetia Soulsong and was chosen to be the next Psyche in a retelling of the story of Cupid and Psyche. However, she's a steadfast Rebel who hates the idea of fated love-or love at all! She's a hardcore aromantic girl on a mission: to avoid Destiny at all costs!



Ani is a prickly character, with her punk-Rebel vibes and aversion to all relationships. She loves to pick fights and hates anything she deems too "girly." She doesn't make friends easily, and those that do befriend her are just as hardcore as she is.


Ani is a tall, rather intimidating girl with olive skin, dark, jaggedly-cut brown hair with multicolored streaks through it. She wears lots of leather and spikes, with silver studs everywhere. She wears an old-fashioned biker hat with silver butterflies on the brim, and black leather combat boots over her red ripped skinny jeans. Needless to say, she's not someone you'd want to mess with.


Her normal counterpart's name, Venetia, is a Greek name which brings to mind names like Venus or Vena, which have meanings like "love" and "longing." Therefor, the name Anima is different from Venetia in that it doesn't have quite as nice of a connotation, but is still relevent to her story; Anima is the direct Latin translation of Psyche.

Fairy TaleEdit

Cupid and Psyche


Anima is supposed to be the next Psyche, not that she really wants it.












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