Angel Charming
Angel Charming Card
Daughter of King Charming
Alliance Royal
Parents King Charming, Queen Charming
Siblings Adept Charming, Adventurous Charming
Friends N/A
Roommate Isabella Beauty
Date of Birth February 11th
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue



Angel Charming is the daughter of King Charming and a student at Never After High. She is the alternate ego of Darling Charming. A perfectly polite and meek princess, Angel looks forward to her destiny of being rescued by her prince and is a Royal in the destiny conflict.



Angel is very timid and always minds her manners. She prefers to listen rather than to talk. She enjoys being in the protection of her two older brothers and is never one to act boldly. Quiet and thoughtful, Angel is usually a wallflower at parties and social events.


Angel has lightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes, and a dainty smile. She has curly light blonde hair cut to a short length, her hair is streaked with blue and white. She wears a light blue and pink ball gown that reaches the floor, lilac lace gloves, a golden belt and a necklace with a lilac gem. Angel's color scheme consists of blue, white, light purple, pink and gold.


The word "Angel" can be a synonym for "Darling." At Never After High, each of King Charming's children has a name that start's with "A."

Fairy taleEdit

Princess Charming


Angel story is confirmed as "Princess Charming", she does not know exactly what will happen in her story, but she does know that she is destined to be a damsel in distress.



Angel is the daughter of King Charming and his queen. She has two older brothers; Adventurous Charming and Adept Charming. Adept is her twin. She has various cousins.


Angel is rather shy and can have a hard time socializing, but she seems most comfortable with her fellow princesses. She is close with her two brothers, mainly Adventurous.


She has a pet horse and a puppy.


As a Charming princess, Angel knows that it is her destiny to be saved by and married to a prince. However, she can't help but feel charmed whenever some boy or another expresses their love for her.