Adventurous Charming
Son of King Charming
Alliance Rebel
Parents King Charming, Queen Charming
Siblings Adept Charming, Angel Charming
Roommate Hopiar Croaks
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue



Adventurous Charming is the son of King Charming, and the alter ego of Daring Charming. A Rebel in the destiny conflict, Daring is a cowardly and humble Prince Charming.

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Adventurous is the exact opposite of Daring in the is extremely shy and somewhat homely. He seems to be afraid of anything and everything, and he avoids others as much as he can. Adventurous is often seen hiding in the shadow of Winter White.

Appearance Edit

Adventurous is tall with pale skin, blue eyes, and limp light blonde hare topped with a small silver crown. He wears a blue and white plaid patterned t-shirt with a gray jacket and khaki pants.

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Family Edit

His parents are one of the many pairs of King and Queen Charmings. He has two younger siblings who are twins. There is his brother Adept and his sister Angel.

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Pet Edit

He owns a peacock named Coward.

Romance Edit

Although Adventurous is not dating anyone, Brunetta Lockes does have a crush on him.