Adalina Rose
Alliance Royals
Nicknames Ada
Parents King Liam and Queen Gem, the previous King's Son and King Sister
Siblings Antionio Blanc-Charming (Adoptive Older Brother)
Friends None
Roommate Daughter of Glinda the Good Whitch
Date of Birth TBA
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue



Adalina Rose is the younger and biological daughter of the previous Kind Sister from the story Diamonds and Toads and the alter ego of Megan Diamonds. Since she honestly couldn't care a flying hex what happens to her older adopted brother, she sides as a Royal.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

  • Bitter
  • Unsportive
  • Aware
  • Quiet
  • Listener

Apperance Edit

Adalina has short, straight brown hair. She has blue, diamond like eyes. Her skin is a more of a tanish color.

Hobbies and Interests Edit

  • Biology
  • Acting

Fairytale Edit

Diamonds and Toads Edit


Role Edit

Lillian is destined to take her mother's place as the younger sister who is blessed to have diamonds and roses drop from her mouth.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friends Edit

Adalina is very social. She tends to hang around Antonio, but they don't talk much and just kind of sit with each other so they don't look lonely.

Aquantices Edit


Pet Edit

Ada has TBA

Romance Edit

Ace, Ace, Baby

oh also heteroromanitc.

hetero, ace, baby

Enemies Edit

Mirror!Ashley Pitch, Mirror!Aurora G, and Mirror!Diamanda Fairy.

Parrels Edit

  • Megan's name is a gem, pearl. Adalinda means snake
  • Megan is a rebel because she cares so much about her brother/cousin, Lillian doesn't care what happens to her brother/cousin.